Our Mission

The Mission of the Agency is to reduce the loss of life and property within Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique by ensuring that adequate preparedness, response and mitigation measures are in place to deal with the impact of hazards.

The Vision

The vision of the Agency is to develop a culture of prevention and safety among all sectors of society.


The National Emergency Advisory Council (NEAC) is the body responsible for giving general direction and control and the development of policies. These responsibilities reside with the Honourable Prime Minister. The NEAC consists of the following members:

NaDMA’s Secretariat located at Fort Frederick, Richmond Hill, St. George’s.

  • Honourable Prime Minister – Chairman
  • Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister – Deputy Chairman
  • Minister of National Security
  • National Security Advisor
  • Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance
  • Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism
  • Commissioner of Police
  • Chief Educational Officer, Ministry of Education
  • Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health
  • Chief Technical Officer, Ministry of Communication & Works
  • Chief Technical Officer, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Chief Meteorologist, Point Salines International Airport
  • Director of Information, GIS
  • Representative, Maurice Bishop International Airport
  • Representative, Grenada Ports Authority
  • Representative, GRENLEC
  • Representative, National Water & Sewage Authority

  • Representative, Cable & Wireless
  • Representative, Digicel
  • Director General, Grenada Red Cross Society
  • Representative, Customs & Excise Department
  • Representative, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
  • Representative, Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority
  • Representative, Grenada Private Sector Organisation
  • Representative Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association
  • Representative, Texaco
  • Representative, Shell
  • Saint George’s University
  • Representative, Conference of Churches Grenada
  • Representative, Service Clubs – Rotary & Salvation Army
  • Representative, Marketing & National Importing Board
  • Representative, Trades Union Council
  • Representative, National Youth Council
  • Representative, IAGDO.

District Coordinators And Deputy Coordinators

Name of DistrictCommunity Programme OfficerDistrict CoordinatorTelephoneContact EmailDeputy District CoordinatorTelephoneContact Email
TOWN OF ST. GEORGEMrs. Roxanne BonaparteSilvan Chan440-0028 ( W) 440-0145(H) 405-5003 & 536-4655 (M)silvanchan2006@yahoo.comFenton Frederick410-5166 (M) 444-2265 (W) 440-9871 (H)ffrederick@republicgrenada.com
ST. GEORGE SOUTHMrs. Roxanne BonaparteArthur Pierre404-9052 (M) (H) 440-7911 (W)arthurp007@gmail.comVonnie James(H) 533-7646 & 403-8877 (M)james.vonnie@gmail.com
ST. GEORGE SOUTH EASTMrs. Roxanne BonaparteGloria Stuart414-2896 (M) 440-3232 (W)440-8906 (H)Gloria_stuart@hotmail.comJanet Whint443-3338 (H) 439-2603 (W) 533-6342 (M)janet_bennette@hotmail.com
ST. GEORGE NORTH EASTSimeon GrangerBerlyn Charles534- 9776 (M)ritabcharlie@yahoo.comGillian Celestine414-3958 (M)414-3958 (M) spicequeen@hotmail.com
ST. GEORGE NORTH WESTSimeon GrangerDaniel Thomas440-8250 (H) 403-8103 (M)   
ST. JOHNSimeon GrangerMartin Mendes415-7421 (M) 406-0845 (M)martin-moses-mendes@yahoo.co.nzRoland Medford533-6036 (M) 444-9942(H)rolandmedford@msn.com
ST. MARKSimeon GrangerWayne Dhannie403-4003 (M) 440-2708 (W) 437-0838 (H)rdhannie@gmail.comAnnlyn Mc. Phie404-2177 (M) 440-2731 (W) 444-9322 (H)aumcphie@gmail.com
ST. PARTICK EASTSimeon GrangerEmerson Murray416-1612 (M) 442-9277 (H) 442-7450 (W)murrayman51@hotmail.comKireen Thomas417-5866 (M)royanna99kay@gmail.com
ST. PARTICK WESTSimeon GrangerNatasha Sutherland Mc. Ewen442- 0100 (W) 419-7018 (M) 442-5770 (H)natashawm.sutherland@gmail.comAbigail Fraser538-7041 (M) 442-2594 (H)538-7041 (M) 442-2594 (H)
ST. ANDREW NORTH EASTSimeon GrangerLeroy Peters438-7099 (H) 404-7099 (M)leroypeters9@hotmail.comWindel Sylvan(H) 457-7028 (M)(H) 457-7028 (M)
ST. ANDREW NORTH WESTSimeon GrangerJunior Thomas442-7837 (W) 442-6941 (H) 403-4781 (M)juniort11@hotmail.comLearie Thomas459-2050 (M) 442-5365 (H)459-2050 (M) 442-5365 (H)
ST. ANDREW SOUTH EASTMrs. Roxanne BonaparteFrancis St. Hillaire442-6002 (W) 404-4534 (M)francisst.hillaire@gmail.com grencredit.marketing@gmail.comClearie Simon438-0812 (H) 442-7827 (W) 416-6948 (M)clerie_19@hotmail.com & cleriesimonprincess@hotmail.com
ST. ANDREW SOUTH WESTMrs. Roxanne BonaparteAtkinson Felix(W) 406-0624 & 533-0222 (M)farmerackee@yahoo.comDevon Romain(H) (W) 403-2652 & 418-6379 (M)darome4@hotmail.com 
ST. DAVID NORTHMrs. Roxanne BonaparteAndie Andrews419-9592 (M)andieandrews@outlook.comVernon Houstone443-1728 (H) 417-2050 (M)443-1728 (H) 417-2050 (M)
ST. DAVID SOUTHMrs. Roxanne BonaparteShanta Cox443-3059 (H) 440-2101 (W) 406-3032 & 420-4405(M)shantacox@hotmail.comRoger Williams449-6306 & 420-5257rogerfrenchywilliams@gmail.com 
CARRIACOUBernice DateEthlin Alexander456-1527 (M) 443-8351 (H)Kisha Mc. Farlene538-6694 (M)kisham_23@hotmail.com
PETITE MARTINIQUEBernice Date  Dwight Logan443-9080 (H) 443-9204 (W) 449-9080 (M)dwightlogan@hotmail.com