Carriacou & Petite MartiniqueCarriacouBogles Community Centre
Carriacou & Petite MartiniqueCarriacouDover Government School
Carriacou & Petite MartiniqueCarriacouGlad Tidings Assembly
Carriacou & Petite MartiniqueCarriacouHarvey Vale Government School
Carriacou & Petite MartiniqueCarriacouL’Esterre R.C. School
Carriacou & Petite MartiniquePetite MartiniquePetite Martinique R.C. School
Carriacou & Petite MartiniquePetite MartiniqueSacred Heart R.C. Church
St. AndrewNorth EastLa Poterie S.D.A. Church
St. AndrewNorth EastTivoli R.C. School
St. AndrewNorth WestDunfermline Evangelical Church
St. AndrewNorth WestFaith Tabernacle Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. AndrewNorth WestMt. Lounge Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. AndrewNorth WestMt. Lounge Camp Site
St. AndrewNorth WestMirabeau Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. AndrewNorth WestParaclete Government School
St. AndrewNorth WestParadise S.D.A. Church
St. AndrewSouth EastMamma Cannes Community Centre
St. AndrewSouth EastSt. Andrews Anglican Secondary
St. AndrewSouth WestHarford Village Community Centre
St. AndrewSouth WestHoly Innocent Anglican School
St. AndrewSouth WestNew Testament Church, Birchgrove
St. AndrewSouth WestRichmond The Blando S.D.A. Church
St. AndrewSouth WestSt. Joseph Convent (Grenville)
St. AndrewSouth WestUnion Community Centre
St. DavidNorthCrochu Multi-Purpose Centre
St. DavidNorthMarlmount Development Centre
St. DavidNorthSt. David R.C. School
St. DavidNorthSt. Joseph R.C. School (Pomme Rose)
St. DavidSouthCorinth Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. DavidSouthCorinth Community Centre
St. DavidSouthSt. Theresa’s R.C. School
St. DavidSouthWesterhall S.D.A. Church
St. GeorgeNorth EastBeaulieu R.C. School - Ground floor
St. GeorgeNorth EastBeaulieu S.D.A. Church - Ground floor
St. GeorgeNorth EastBoca Secondary School - Ground floor
St. GeorgeNorth EastConstantine Methodist Church
St. GeorgeNorth EastSt. Mary's Junior School
St. GeorgeNorth EastVendome R.C. School
St. GeorgeNorth WestCherry Hill Community Centre
St. GeorgeNorth WestFontenoy Community Centre - Ground floor
St. GeorgeNorth WestGrand Mal Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. GeorgeNorth WestHappy Hill R.C. School - first floor of building with concrete roof & Ground floor of two storey building
St. GeorgeNorth WestHappy Hill Secondary School - All ground floor sections
St. GeorgeNorth WestMt. Mortiz Anglican School
St. GeorgeNorth WestMt. Moritz SDA Church
St. GeorgeNorth WestNew Hampshire Methodist Church
St. GeorgeSouthCalliste Government School
St. GeorgeSouthGateway Academy Church
St. GeorgeSouthMaranatha S.D.A. Church (Mt. Toute) - Ground floor
St. GeorgeSouthSouth St. George Government School (Springs)
St. GeorgeSouthSprings Open Bible Church
St. GeorgeSouthWoodlands Berean Church
St. GeorgeSouth EastBethel Methodist Church Hall (St. Paul's)
St. GeorgeSouth EastSt. Paul’s Government School
St. GeorgeTownAnglican High School - Concrete roof Section
St. GeorgeTownGrenada Boys Secondary School - All ground floors
St. GeorgeTownSt. George's Anglican Junior School - Ground floor
St. GeorgeTownSt. Joseph's Convent
St. JohnSt. JohnClozier Community Centre
St. JohnSt. JohnConcord Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. JohnSt. JohnFlorida Seventh Day Adventist Church
St. JohnSt. JohnMt. Granby S.D.A. Church
St. JohnSt. JohnSt. John's R.C. School
St. JohnSt. JohnSt. Rose Modern Secondary School
St. PatrickEastMt. Rose S.D.A. Church
St. PatrickEastRiver Sallee S.D.A. Church
St. PatrickEastRose Hill S.D.A. Church
St. PatrickEastSnell Hall S.D.A. Church and School
St. PatrickWestMt. Rich Pre Primary School
St. PatrickWestSt. Patrick Anglican School